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The Midnight Ride Gift Set-now with bamboo soap box

The Midnight Ride Gift Set-now with bamboo soap box


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Are you looking for the perfect gift set all ready to go? The Midnight Ride Gift Set is your one stop shop, just click and go. Shipping is included in your beautifully boxed set. What's included? - (3) Midnight Ride Handmade Soaps ($36 value) - (1) full size 8  ounce Midnight Ride Buff Oil ($24 value) - (1) Bamboo Soap Box ($20 value) - (1) Soap Saver ($10 value) - Shipping to anywhere in the 48 contiguous USA ($16 value) - free mystery gift ($5 value)

We know how much goes into giving, beyond the products: the box, the filler, the staging. We want this set to reflect all of the care and effort that goes into giving a beautifully hand packed set. Whether you are sending this to yourself, or across the country, you can be sure that opening it will be an exciting experience.


Midnight Ride Soap: Our 4.5 ounce full size bars are made with our signature base recipe of natural oils and activated charcoal. Each bar is topped with gold, and the luxurious Sandalwood and Rose oils make for a pleasant aroma in the shower or at the sink. Midnight Ride Buff Oil: Our best seller is now in the Midnight Ride scent. This buff oil comes in a convenient spray bottle to use after the shower to moisturize your skin and leave a pleasant aroma behind, without that greasy feel. Fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil and hemp seed oil will nourish your skin and quickly become a part of your daily routine! Bamboo Soap Box: Our water resistant bamboo soap boxes are great for storing your soap and keeping it dry. The engraved lid contains your soap for travel, or can fit beneath your box while in use to make catch any water drips and keep your counters clean.  Soap Saver: Keep your soap dry and your counters clean with our soap savers. These allow for drainage and air flow to help your soap last even LONGER! These can be added to soap dishes or used in the shower or on countertops. They can even be cut to fit the area that works best for you.

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