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Hand-Poured Glass candle Jar with Wooden Lid

Hand-Poured Glass candle Jar with Wooden Lid

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Our beautiful hand-poured candles are made with 100% soy wax, so there are no worries of releasing harmful toxins in the air (as with many other candles that use paraffin wax). You can feel good about scenting your home or environment with our candles! Our large, 15 ounce frosted glass jars will look elegant with any decor and release amazing aromas that will fill your space to smell HEAVENLY! Our multi-wick design ensures an even candle burn, a good scent throw and extends the life of your natural candle . When not in use, you can protect your candle with the included wooden lid. Each carefully formulated candle throws the most AMAZING scent.

Heavenly is our most popular scent. It is an amazing sweet aromatic scent that EVERYONE just loves! When you walk into a room you will understand why we named it HEAVENLY!

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