Never Ending Love, Ultimate Spa Box (Free Shipping)!

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Never Ending Love -Ultimate Spa Experience
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Never Ending Love, Ultimate Spa Box! See from the list of choices on scents! This is the ultra all-inclusive spa experience you have been waiting for! Featuring a luxurious Bamboo tub caddy and all of our best bath and body products including: 3 handmade artisan soaps, one 8oz. after shower buff oil, two 4 oz lotions, 1 sugar scrub, 1 bath salt and 1 wooden scoop, 1 bamboo soap box,1 acrylic gold flake soap dish, 1 handpoured lip balm, 1 embroidered make-up cloth, 2 extra large bath bombs, 1 small or heart bathbomb, 1 soap exfoliating bag, 1 bath/shower pouff, 1 luxurious body scrub brush, 1 wax melts (to use in a wax melter) and add to the ambiance of the bath. Best of all FREE SHIPPING so go ahead and Pamper yourself or your loved one with this exclusive package! Available in Her, His , or Tropical/Beach see options below!

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