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Rose Quartz Face Roller-50% off

Rose Quartz Face Roller-50% off


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The best way to apply your face serum and boost circulation to your face and neck is to use a natural stone roller. Our beautiful engraved rose quartz face rollers  come in a gorgeous gift box. Paired with our face serum, this roller can really help to beautify your facial skin. There are many benefits to using a face roller, even if you don't use any serum. 

Gently rolling your face and neck each morning and evening helps to boost blood flow to your skin. This can help plump the skin and gives your skin a smoother appearance. The roller stays cool which can help to calm your skin and reduce puffiness. Using a face roller also helps your lymphatic system. Proper lymphatic flow and drainage are very important for your health. 


After cleansing your face, apply 1 pump of face serum to your roller and roll onto face. In gentle upward motions, distribute facial serum to your entire face and neck. Use the small roller for around your nose and near your eyes. Use the larger roller for your neck and other areas of your face and forehead. 

Using more pressure will not help to smooth your skin. A gentle touch can be far more effective and is the best option to get the benefits of using the face roller.


The beautiful box we have designed make it perfect for clean storage of your roller and make it a GREAT gift! When you open the lid, you see the wonderful verse from Song of Solomon as the perfect reminder that beauty truly lies within and we are all beautiful to our Father in heaven. 

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Plant-Based Skin Nourishing Ingredients


Use with our All Natural Face Serum packed with natural frankincense and myrrh essential oils for an extra skin boosting bonus


Double sided Rose quartz face roller in a custom gift box


6 oz