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All natural shave puck

All natural shave puck

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Introducing our first shave soap!

All Vegan ingredients

It took us a bit to formulate a recipe that provided both a hard bar and stable creamy lather. The 100g puck style soap is handmade and cold processed and then cured for 5 weeks. What makes our shave soap so great? 

Moisturizing base oils from nature

¤ Olive, palm, coconut and castor oils provide a complex profile of fatty acids to create a creamy, stable lather.

¤ Shea butter helps moisturize your skin

Better than shaving cream

¤ A natural soap not only cleanses your skin, keeping bacteria at bay, but also there's no funky residue left behind...only smooth, moisturized and clean skin ¤ Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Frankincense essential oils cool your skin and provide a wonderful aroma.

¤ Kaolin clay provides a great slip in the lather that helps your razor glide ever so smoothly!

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