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Body Brush

Body Brush

Color of wood


Why add a body brush to your skin care routine? The body brush can be used wet or dry. When used in the shower, it will help to create a stable, significant lather from your soap bar and the cotton webbing secures the brush to your hand to help you really scrub your skin. This will aid in exfoliating your skin and increasing circulation.

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Be sure to dry your brush between uses either on a hook, bath shelf or wire shower caddy. Dry brushing your skin is VERY beneficial as well. Dry brushing is best done right before you shower. This helps with exfoliation, removal of dead skin cells, unclogging pores and increasing circulation. This fully prepares your skin to absorb the healthy, nourishing oils in our soaps, buff oils and lotions. 4.3 inch x 4.3 inch brush

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