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Peppermint season is here! Winter is around the corner and that sweet minty aroma is the perfect scent to awaken your senses in the morning. This bar features a vibrant  peppermint aroma in our nourishing base recipe of luxury oils. Peppermint "candy" soaps top each bar and eco friendly glitter gives each soap a bit of sparkle. 


Palm Oil, olive oil, organic coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide*, shea butter, grapeseed oil, castor bean oil, peppermint essential oil/fragrance, sodium lactate**, mica powder ( colorant).

*sodium hydroxide is used in the saponification process to turn fats and oils in soap, none remains in the final product.

**sodium lactate is a naturally occuring salt used to help the bar harden and last longer to reduce waste.

All of our soaps are ph tested for skin safety and cured for at least 4-6 weeks to ensure a long-lasting bar.

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